Homing Software

Our homing software is typically used in a mobile situation where an operator wants to “home” in on a source of interference or some other RF source. The homing software provides a bearing relative to the vehicle so the operator can instruct the driver to head in the direction of the signal. The signal strength display helps the operator to determine the distance to the signal source. Also a rapid change in bearing with a strong signal indicates the vehicle drove past the transmitter.

MPT User Interface

The MPT User Interface is a Windows based software suite that is used to display data coming from the Series 7000 direction finders and also configure the Series 7000 direction finders.  It can be used in homing applications where only the line of bearing relative to the vehicle is required for direction finding.  The screen shot below shows the basic functions provided by the software.

Doppler MPT User Interface Software

The software can be downloaded from our software download page.


Our Android app is available on the Google Play Store and is hosted on smart phones or tablet computers. It is used in conjunction with a wireless router to allow a mobile operator to determine the bearing of a signal relative to the vehicle.  If used with one of the supported receivers it can also remotely tune the receiver and adjust the squelch and volume.  Complete details on how to use it can be found in the application note A Simple Homing Direction Finder Using a DDF7001 and an Android Device.

Android App Demo