Geolocation Software

Geolocation requires two or more line-of-bearing measurements.  These measurments can be provided by obtaining multiple measurements at different locations using a mobile direction finder or by simulataneous bearing measurements by fixed site direction finders at different locations.

Doppler Systems offers two map-based geolocation software solutions: TargetTrack and SignalTrack.  Both packages allow fixed and mobile sites to be networked to provide the multiple bearing measurements required for geolocation.  Bearing lines measured at each site are drawn on a map display.  The software then calculates the most likely location of the signal source as well as a 95% uncertainty ellipse providing the user with an area where the signal source most likely is located.

TargetTrack is the most modern and full featured application. It requires receiver audio from at least one site to be input into the computer for recording with the bearing data.  If our DDF7000 series direction finders are used the audio can be streamed directly from the direction finder processor to the computer via the Internet or an intranet connection.  If our older DDF6000 series direction finders are used in the network then at least one direction finder will need to be located with the computer running TargetTrack or another means of streaming audio from one site to the computer needs to be provided.

SignalTrack does not require an audio connection.  It provides the same functionality as TargetTrack; however, it lacks some of the database, logging, and playback features.