Doppler Systems’ Radio Direction Finders

Established in 1981, Doppler Systems designs and manufactures radio direction finding equipment and software for government, commercial, and amateur users. Our direction finders are used throughout the world in a large number of applications including…

  • locating unwanted interference
  • finding individuals intent on evil
  • finding stuck transmitters
  • locating boats and aircraft
  • stolen vehicle recovery
  • tracking the path of a vehicle
  • tracking beacon transmitters
  • stolen cargo location

We offer fixed site and mobile direction finders for 100 – 1000 MHz. Our direction finders are available in turn key configurations packaged for easy transport and set up, or as components for customers who want to customize their direction finder. Software furnished with our direction finders provides simple homing functions and map-based geolocation of transmitters using multiple line-of-site measurements.  Multiple fixed site and mobile direction finders can be networked together to provide real-time geolocation of RF sources.

Doppler offers a full range of products for custom solutions.

In addition to our standard configurations, our customers can mix and match our components to provide a customized solution. We work with you to understand your requirements and help you develop a hardware and software solution that will meet your needs. Contact us with your radio direction finding requirements, and we will help you accomplish your mission.


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